Saturday, 5 July 2014

About Me!

I’m a girl next door with passion to enhance the way QA is!
I’m writing this blog to keep track of my failures, my learning from them and then manifesting the way I did solve them. The motive of doing is… that I might end up saving your time by not repeating the same mistake.
Soon I will be publishing 999 ways which doesn’t work the way we assume ;-)
Don't forget to share your bad experiences as well ;-) Happy Learning :-)


All my blogs heavily stands on top of the shoulders of other blogs, books, articles and real time work. I owe it to lot of people and my sincere thank you to all. Some of them are listed below
  • Linkedin selenium group
  • Stack Overflow
  • SUN/Oracle
  • My work place Goibibo + Jenesys
  • Of course, google ;-)

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